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Officer, Digital Backbone - Core Information Services


Job Description

Ref: 231058

Location: Belgium, Brussels

Application Deadline: 12-Nov-2023

Salary (Pay Basis) 8,887.53 EUR Monthly

Grade: G20



The NATO Office of Resources (NOR) provides independent and integrated expert advice to the Secretary General, NATO Resource Committees, Allies, and other stakeholders on the planning, allocation and utilisation of military common funding made available to achieve NATO’s goals and objectives.


The NOR advice is based on sound judgement underpinned by facts, figures, expertise and knowledge. It follows NATO policies, procedures and standards, and is independent of external stakeholder’s viewpoints. It supports efficient and effective use of public funds by assessing the policy compliance, eligibility, affordability, technical viability, and lifecycle implications of military requirements and proposed solutions. Furthermore, the NOR facilitates resource-informed political decision-making.


Within the NOR, the Communication and Information Systems (CIS) and Cyber Capabilities Branch provides technical, financial, economic and political advice. Furthermore, it gives support regarding implementation of NATO common-funded CIS and Cyber capabilities, in particular regarding capital investments under the NATO Security Investment Programme (NSIP) and operations & maintenance funded by the NATO Military Budget.


The CIS and Cyber Capabilities Branch covers various domains of Information Communication Technologies (ICT) including security, cyber-defence and service management and control aspects. The Branch contributes to the execution of Digital Transformation Implementation Strategy, and especially the enhancement of Digital Backbone, utilisation of Cloud Computing, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Big Data exploitation and sharing. The work of the Branch is focused on providing governance expert advice and facilitating the planning, programming and operations, and maintenance of modern digital CIS, including CIS security and Cyber aspects. Furthermore, providing advice on ICT service provisioning in support of the NATO Command Structure in both static and deployed environments.


The BI-Strategic Command (Bi-SC) Automated Information System (AIS) that is part of NATO Digital Backbone has been identified as a critical capability whose timely delivery effective maintenance must be assured. In line with the in-effect NATO Consultation, Command and Control (C3) Taxonomy, the BI-SC AIS is composed of three inter-dependent layers: IT Infrastructure, Core Services and Community of Interest Services.


The Officer, Digital Backbone - Core Information Services manages, under Direction and Guidance from the Branch Head, a portfolio of hardware and software packages aimed at improving the Command and Control (C2) capabilities of the Alliance. S/he will coordinate with other stakeholders, provide guidance to the Capability Management Function, and provide advice to the Resources Committees in all aspects related to the portfolio.


The Officer’s responsibilities include: assessment of technical solutions to meet military requirements; screening and reporting on innovation, emerging disruptive technologies and other exploratory activities related to the portfolio; screening of military requirements presented in Operational Requirement Statements, Capability Requirement Briefs, and Capability Programme Plans from an investment, running cost and manpower point of view; screening and reporting on requests for authorisation to implement projects and budgets required for the operation and maintenance of the implemented systems; monitoring of project and portfolio implementation, including assessment of Remedial Action Plans; and assessment of Capability Acceptance Reports for completed investment projects.


S/he will work in close coordination with the Officers responsible for Automated Information System, ICT Infrastructure, Digital Workplace, and Community of Interest Services, to identify and manage interdependencies and communalities among the major BI-SC AIS projects and budgets, as well as with other NOR branches. S/he will interact with C3 Board, its sub-structure and supporting Staff, the Chief Information Officer (CIO) Office, the Strategic Commands, and the NCI Agency on a regular basis. S/he will be the focal point within the Section for NATO Communications and Information Systems (CIS) in support of assigned Alliance Operations and Missions.




The incumbent must:

  • have a university degree in computer science, data science, artificial intelligence, machine learning, computer science engineering or very closely related science/engineering from an institute of recognized standing;
  • have at least 8 years of experience working with software intensive IT systems over their entire life cycle,
  • have extensive knowledge of data processing, automated management of information and automated command and control systems, including commercial-offthe-shelf and bespoke application software, information exchange mechanisms, networking and security aspects;
  • have excellent communication, drafting and presentation skills;
  • possess the following minimum levels of NATO’s official languages (English/French): V (“Advanced”) in one; I (“Beginner”) in the other;
  • be willing to travel and work outside normal hours, when necessary.



  • The following would be considered as an advantage:
  • have a Master degree in computer science, data science, artificial intelligence,
  • machine learning, computer science engineering or very closely related
  • science/engineering from an institute of recognized standing;
  • more than 8 years of professional experience in the fields relevant for this position;
  • experience in NATO common funding policies, procedures and processes;
  • experience in support of military deployments in operational areas;
  • experience in outsourcing and implementation of ICT services;
  • Prince2 & ITIL certifications (or equivalent).



Project Management

Manage at programme level the full life cycle of projects in her/his purview and coordinate with other Staff Officers in this area holistic management of the Bi-Strategic Command Automated Information System (Bi-SC AIS) focused in the delivery of the related capabilities. In her/his responsibility for projects and programmes, prepare and present reports to the Resource Policy and Planning Board (RPPB) for programming approval of groups of projects needed to achieve an area of military capability. Prepare and present programme implementation plans, project implementation reports and capability area status reports to the Investment Committee (IC) and other NATO bodies. Liaise with the Strategic Commands on the timeliness and the quality of project implementation. Provide technical advice and liaise with NATO Military Authorities and host nations for NATO projects. Act as Chairperson of Joint Final Inspection and Formal Acceptance (JFAI) teams and prepare reports which recommend acceptance.


Expertise Development

Provide expert advice to stakeholders in committees, national delegations and authorities of member nations, NATO agencies, as well as military authorities at various levels on NATO capabilities and related resource issues. Conduct technical meetings with civilian and military staff of member nations considering projects and associated engineering required by the Strategic Commanders. Advise and collaborate with other engineers and programme coordinators engaged in defining cost-effective ways of meeting military requirements. Apply engineering skills, with a good understanding of NATO’s political environment and within the wider context of NATO’s common funded activities. Present, argue and defend the assessment on costing and technical solutions before the NATO resource committees, the NATO Military Authorities and the NATO Agencies.


Policy Development

Contribute to policy development on NATO military common-funded resources through the provision of expert technical advice as required. Determine the impact of existing policies and architectures on the design and implementation of NATO projects. Produce and present screening reports on the submitted military requirement, proposed technical solution, implementation plans and resource estimates, to the NATO resources and other committees.


Stakeholder Management

Develop coordination between all NATO bodies and national authorities leading or supporting the implementation of NATO capability projects. Proactively develop a network of stakeholders to ensure that the resource-impact of decisions is considered as early as possible. Assist, as directed, in the formulation of technical architectures and standards that guide participating nations of the Alliance.


Knowledge Management

Contribute to knowledge management through systems and processes with relevant technical and project/system management expertise on projects funded by NATO. Contribute an expert view on the appropriate technology and systems required to manage project work effectively.


Financial Management

Review costed project proposals and Initial Budget Estimates, screen the submissions and requests for funds for compliance with NATO policy. Monitor and report on the funding profiles and expenditures profiles of projects/systems or groups of projects/systems at all stages during their life cycle. Liaise with the Strategic Commands for the preparation of and screening of initial budget estimates for the operation and maintenance of relevant systems. Prepare and present reports on budgetary issues related to these systems to the Budget Committee (BC).


Representation of the Organization

Act as Chairperson of various technical meetings representing the NATO Office of Resources. Represent NATO as a technical expert and advisor during site visits and inspections of project implementation as well as in other circumstances linked to the assessment, design or implementation of NATO funded projects and programmes. Conduct and lead meetings on NATO common-funded projects with authority, involving different stakeholders from NATO member nations, NATO Military Authorities and NATO Agencies, at different work and management levels. Perform any other related duty as assigned.



The incumbent reports to the CIS and Cyber Capabilities Branch Head and must be able to operate with diplomacy and tact in a multinational environment where decision-making occurs by reaching consensuses among the NATO Member Nations. S/he participates in, leads and advises during discussions with national Delegations and Authorities of member countries. S/he also liaises with appropriate NATO Agencies, NATO Military Authorities and national Authorities at Ministries of Defence and other members of the International Staff.

Direct reports: N/A

Indirect reports: N/A



The incumbent must demonstrate:

  • Achievement: Creates own measures of excellence and improves performance;
  • Analytical Thinking: Sees multiple relationships;
  • Change Leadership: Expresses vision for change;
  • Impact and Influence: Uses indirect influence;
  • Initiative: Is decisive in a time-sensitive situation;
  • Organisational Awareness: Understands organisational politics;
  • Teamwork: Solicits inputs and encourages others.


For more information on how to apply, please follow: https://www.nato.int/structur/recruit/documents/Officer,%20Digital%20Backbone%20-%20Core%20Information%20Services.pdf 

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