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About the Company

Founded by industry experts

At DataJobs.com, our foundations are in big data. We are founded by a data scientist with extensive experience working with enterprise big data technology. We understand this space with insider acuity.

Powering big data with big talent

Big data is easily a multi-million dollar enterprise investment – a blend of innovative technology and talent that can unlock tremendous business value. Though, hiring this talent can be a major challenge. The state of big data recruiting is such that reqs can go unfilled for months on end. We accelerate big data recruiting by providing a platform that enables companies to advertise their openings — a pure-play hub where data specialists can browse the marketplace to find the right fit among high-paying jobs at top companies.

About the Team

Frank Lo – Founder and Lead Developer

Frank is currently the Director of the Data Science at Wayfair, where he works with data everyday as a mathematician, hacker, and lead strategy consultant to the business. He stays very involved in the big data community and is in fact a writer at Big Data Republic. Frank hails from MIT and is obsessed with tinkering and creating new things. He conceptualized and built DataJobs in his free time in what began as a fun development project that evolved into a high-growth business.

Amy Lo – Business Development and Marketing Lead

Amy has a background in recruiting, marketing, and business operations management. She is in charge of growing DataJobs as a leading career hub for big data. Prior to this role, she worked for 5 years as a team manager at NTI, an organization that helps disabled individuals find jobs. Amy has exceptional work ethic, priding herself in finding efficient and effective methods to run successful operations.

Contact Information

Please direct all inquiries to contact@datajobs.com.